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Thread: Cam reynolds

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    Jul 2018

    Cameron (Cam) Reynolds

    IMO, the most promising signing the Bucks did this season, in a position that is most needed for the future starting roster...

    Lets hope that Bud doesn't F***s this up like he did with Christian Wood (who asked to be released because he wasn't given minutes by Bud)...
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    Jul 2018
    Lets resume this guy...

    -Great wing size at 6/8" with 7.1" wingspan,
    -Can play all 2, 3 and 4 equally well,
    -Decent athlete,
    -41% 3pt shooter,
    -Fast legs that can defend all positions from PG up to CF...
    -Very good dribbler,
    -Can have a physical game,
    -Reads the court,
    -Very good passer,
    -Left handed makes it extremely difficult for right hand players to guard him.

    Don't **** this up again Bud... just don't!

    Get Horst to sign Colson back in a two-way and sign this guy on a regular after the training camp... and f***ing GIVE HIM MINUTES!
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