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A few racist comments which obviously will have consequences for and shouldn't be tolerated.

In regards to the roasting of the women, I'm torn because on one hand it's not a good look and something I wouldn't have done, but I think back to my playing days, and even not playing days since, and when I was younger, nothing that was said was new to me. And it was a private conversation. I don't really care what people say or do in private. Not trying to defend him, though. It's a stain on the sport and he should've been let go and probably won't be back in the league.

You also can't tell me girls don't carve guys in their own private chats.

Hope everyone is doing well.
I havenít seen the racist comments. Weíre they said in jest? Or were they serious racial attacks?

Iím not racist or sexist, but I definitely believe people should be able to have private conversations and say whatever the hell they want.
It would be a different situation if he was doing this during work hours or something. Then I could see him deserving a firing.