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Yeah off the top of my head I couldn't imagine anything I had being worth anything special. The only cards I had that are worth remembering were Pavel Bure and Mark McGwire rookie cards. The only reason I remember the McGwire card is because my Dad told me it'd be worth something someday after he hit 70......lol.
Yeah the late 80ís/early 90ís stuff is pretty much worthless.

I inherited my grandfathers huge mess of a collection about 6 years ago. I spent over 100 hours going through them and organizing and marking their value. Now I have over 5k worth of cards all organized and nice. Been adding to it over the years too.

Some highlights - Mike bossy rookie card, Wayne Gretzkyís sophomore season card, tarasenko rookie card, Michael Jordan playing baseball, nylander rookie card, tavares signed jersey card... so many great ones Iím not even scratching the surface here. I even have some from the 60ís.

I have some great baseball cards too including vlad and Boís rookie cards and Nate Pearsonís minor league cards from new hampture. Siakamís rookie card.

Tbh tho I would be open to selling them for the right offer. Theyíre great and they have brought me hours and hours of joy, but at this point I am just buying and sorting. I donít really have an end goal in mind. I want to organize them by player (currently organized by value) and put them into a portable case... but then what?
I went to a sports card convention and it was NOT what I expected. Just a bunch of card stores selling packs essentially. I even over heard one guy talking to another about how they open the boxes, take out the money card, and then re-seal them and sell them as unopened fresh boxes.
I thought there would be people there looking to trade and ****. There wasnít any of that. And what am I going to do? Trade with these shifty dealers who will calculate to make sure I am not winning the trade? No thank you. It was discouraging.