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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    this guy is going to be highly wanted before the trade deadline, seems multiple teams wanted him and he reportedly got this offer:

    A source tells Bondy that Morris refused a $41MM offer from the Clippers before agreeing to the deals with the Spurs and then the Knicks
    i guess that's why he fired his

    he's a solid pro i'm sure many contenders would want him, matching salary though is very difficult. I also don't like the idea of having guys here knowing they'll be traded... doesn't exactly create team cohesion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    And we 100% don't match up with them without KD? Our guys have no promise lol, only the Nets players? Did you see Chandler's stats last year he's on a down cycle big time,

    If you didn't see Jordan slow down I'm not sure what to say, he's actually taking minutes from Allen if you ask me, does Krucus seriously bring more than Knox?

    Another blast at the team you root for because I see on paper the Knicks competing very well against the Nets.

    Oh and depth, you want teams named because there are multiple but lets just go with the champs, they played 12 guys over 18.3 min per game? 8 guys averaged over 20.2 min per. 6 guys averg over 27.2m, 3 guys over 32

    Such a nice problem to have we complain about depth?

    what is next on the list? I'm sure more negativity will arise lol
    13 can be active to start the season.
    It's been proven Kyrie is not a leader he's no alpha and therefore the Nets barely made it into playoffs with continuity with Dlo leading the way so they will not be much better.

    De Andre, Chandlet are both on the down slope bro so please don't mention those guys. They had no impact on the Mavericks or Sixers.

    The Knickschave plenty of rising statsvand your boy Frank is a goner to no later than the trade deadline.

    Randle is an all star this year he's a combination of Lebron and Zion physically and the Netscand everyone else is gonna have big problem with him book it!

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    Boston lost their heart and soul of the team


    They may finish behind us


    Is definitely not enough plus they all soft. The Knicks gonna body them something terrible. The Knicks will also own the paint have we forgotten Kanter?

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    Toronto is an aging team without Kwai not worrying about them now

    Miami only has Butler not much better than Richardson at this point

    Pacers without Oladipo 100% is suspect

    Orlando and Pistons are 3 and 4. After that it's a crap shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by east fb knicks View Post
    Lol why
    Orlando is garbage lol unless Fultz suddnley hits his potential. Miami has a shot I guess.what makes the pistons good? And Atlanta is far from ready
    Spurs Sim league
    2 time Champion 653-331

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