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    Quote Originally Posted by beasted86 View Post
    He also fits that team better skill wise.

    I think Miami needs to try and get a player to "force" his way to Miami. IE: Oladipo says trade me to Miami or lose me in free agency next year.

    To do this Miami just has to overachieve this season.
    I have a feeling that player could be beal.

    But do we have the cap for Giannis in this scenario?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iggie View Post
    Beasted or anyone else, do you have good knowledge of the cap? Iím thinking if we traded for Jrue we would still have enough to sign Giannis as long as Winslow is gone in the deal? Then we can retain Nunn Robinson and Bam with their bird rights by going over the cap.

    No we wonít. We would have to add Dragicís contract and add Ryan Andersonís $5 million. U all need to just enjoy this team as it is and stop trying to trade for every name that comes out. 🤦🏽*♂️

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