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    Jul 2013

    It's OFFICIAL! I've finally moved GSW

    into my number 2 team slot. New number one UTAH JAZZ!

    Many championships to come. Who can compete with them at this point? Clear winners this offseason by far. Las Vegas odds leaders going into season. Well, if u ignore Lakers stupid fans they'd bet on LAL if LeBron killed AD outside arena in broad daylight 2 days before season.

    Gobert DPOY
    Donovan Mitchell everything Monte Ellis couldnt be, a younger, more athletic version of Wade
    Joe Ingles super glue guy. Everybody loves him, best trash talker in league
    Mike Conley. Say what? Utah got him for what? Best signing this summer.
    Bogdonovich. Ingles in one corner Bojan in other. Utah will pass every three point shooting record we tried to set. Seriously, they will shoot over 40 % AS A TEAM from deep. Good god.

    The bench OH MY! (borrowed that from are announcer Craig Bolerjack. If Bob Fitz had half the voice... or the brains). Who hasn't Utah signed this summer? Free agency, come to Utah.

    This is such a great feeling. As you all know I have been contemplating changing teams for some time now, and quite frankly I knew I should have done it way before that epic choke job. "It's GSW to lose" "nobody beating the Warriors EXCEPT THE WARRIORS. Yup, big heads big egos lost the championship now they're fleeing choketown like a pack of ship rats reaching dry land.

    I will still be here to root for GSW, and to concole you on the upcoming first round exit. But I will also be cheering for the next championship team, one that will frankly be 1000x more satisfying than the loaded, collision superteam we watched cut through the NBAs butter.


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