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    Last Chance U, 9/10 its about a junior conference football squad on Netflix. It stars group of degenerates that couldn't make it in D-1. Frustrating but very interesting..

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    If you cant beat them, join them

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbangclock View Post
    Wow Jack of All Trades sounds like one I have to see .I remember the all card bubble,we would go to the local comic book shop and scour the ball cards for bargains but the bubble did burst.I can't imagine how collectors feel about the lack of value in collections now
    i was a long-time card collector. Started collecting and going to card shows in NYC, 1975. Prices were cheap. Paid $3.00 for a mint Seaver rookie. Turned to selling in mid-80s and buying cases by the truckload direct from the card companies and other sellers. Bought 500 1985 McGwire rookies for $1.50 each. Sold 1000s of Gooden, Clemens, Strawberry, Matting rookie. Paid for my undergraduate degree. Pretty much sold out and quit by mid-90s. It was a fun ride.

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    I love you, Now die. 8/10 At first I thought that this chick kind of deserved to be convicted, but after watching the doc, I fell bad for her and while what she did was ****ed up, she should not be convicted of manslaughter.

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