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    We try not to make a habit of multiple updates to a free agent without hearing from you, but we want to keep you in the loop of what we have going on here in Brooklyn.

    Our pursuits of Patrick Beverley has fallen short unfortunately, and we have made a quick pivot onto Thaddeus Young. Thad Young is another hard nose, hard work, bring the lunch pale kinda player. Thad approaches every game, preseason/regular season/post season with an incredible intensity the same way that you do. We feel this quote by superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo sums it up well:
    "Thaddeus Young, he's a great guy," Antetokounmpo said last season. "Amazing player. Amazing teammate. Plays hard. Thad is a great defensive player and I love playing against him."
    Thad backs that up with availability as well. In the last 8 years thad has suited up for 70+ games. It's a rather arbitrary stat put out there by the Pacers last year, but the only 5 players to average 13.5 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.4 steals, and shoot at peace 49% and 30% on threes? Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James and...Thad Young.

    In an interview with ESPN Thad said this about himself:
    I'm a grinder. I feel like I'm definitely not the greatest player in the world, but I'm a good player, I can do a lot of the things on the court to help my team wing games.
    Jimmy....that sounds like the exact type of player that you want to be playing with. In the last three years, he's been the the Pacers leader in stats the NBA is just scratching the surface of like contested shots and lack of blowbys.

    We're going to leave you with this quote, that we feel definitely lands in the Jimmy Butler way:
    "Just about every team I've been on has been an underdog," he told ESPN last season. "I like playing that way, I like being the underdog. I like playing with a chip on my shoulder. I like playing with a sense of urgency. Because when you're not playing with a sense of urgency, that's when people creep up on you. That's when they beat you. I'm a grinder. I feel like I'm definitely not the greatest player in the world, but I'm a good player, I can do a lot of things on the court to help my team win games. And at the end of the day, that's the thing that's kept me in the league. I don't try to shy away from something that I can do in order to do something that I can't do."
    ~Nets FO

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    Hey Jimmy,

    We believe we’ve met you all the way and remain thrilled we are your favourite.

    We don’t think you could have a better fit in terms of contending while maintaining the role as our vocal leader, at home to boot! Curry offers a unique partnership in this regard.

    We don’t want to push or overload you, waiting on your call, Jimmy!

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    Hello Jimmy,

    We are prepared to offer you a 4 year max deal with 5% raises and a full no-trade clause. We desperately need an leader and think you’d be just the man for the job. Please let us know if we are a consideration and if we can answer any questions you might have.

    Thanks for the time,

    - The Knicks

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    Knicks are out.

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    Jimmy is ready to move to the final stage of his free agency. He's eliminating all potential suitors except for Houston and Brooklyn. He wants both teams to PM their final pitches to his agent within the next 36 hours. Talk about the composition of the roster, the plan for the rest of the off-season (include your top 2 free agent or trade targets and why they are a fit), discuss your contingency plans if you don't get Brook Lopez (for the Rockets) or Thad Young (for the Nets), explain how Jimmy Buckets can be the dominant personality on your squad, and finally pitch Jimmy on the differences between living in Houston and living in Brooklyn.

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    Jimmy has thought long and hard about this decision. On one hand, he's got a team in Houston that is an elite-level contender the second he signs. On the other hand, he's got a team in Brooklyn where he's the unquestioned top star.

    In looking at both rosters, both teams have several moves to make before they fill out their rosters appropriately. In either case, there was some projection required for each roster. That neither team could lock up their biggest secondary FA target before this recruitment came to a head turned out to be a wash; neither team really had much of an advantage from a team construction/built-out standpoint.

    When it came down to it, Jimmy was convinced that Steph is the type of star that can co-exist with other, more out-spoken stars. He has essentially done it his entire career. Given that, he just simply sees Houston as the more likely team to be a real contender when the dust settles on this off-season. It was an added bonus that he would get to go home to Houston. While the Nets tried to paint it as a negative, he simply sees that getting to play in his hometown (and getting back to a better/warmer climate full-time) is far more of a positive than the small negatives that come along with it.

    Jimmy signs with the Rockets.

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    Rockets pitch:

    Hey Jimmy,

    Glad we made it to the final meeting.

    We will try to keep things as brief as possible but I don't want to miss anything, so let's go step-by-step.

    Talk about the composition of the roster
    So this is fairly easy for us at the moment because Steph Curry, Danilo Gallinari, Gary Clark, Kent Bazemore, and R.J. Barrett are the roster until we hopefully sign both you and Lopez.

    We've talked about Curry, Gallinari, and Lopez. But in terms of vision for the composition, this summer myself, Daryl Morey, and Mike D'Antoni sat down and made a plan. We want the opposite of what we had last year. We want to get back to the D'Antoni Suns model where spacing, pace, and smart team basketball win us games, not one player running every possession against the clock. That's a large part of why we traded Harden and a large part of why we traded for Curry.

    We also knew we'd need a physical and outspoken leader that we could give the ball to in a must-win situation and that guy is you. Jimmy, you're easy to sell to the fans due to how hard you play and the fact that you're from here. You offer all the things Curry doesn't bring; grit, toughness, defense, isolation scoring, etc.

    There have been so many moves and trades made this off-season, I genuinely challenge how many teams have any sort of vision. But know, we've been sitting on this plan and we're so close to bringing this all together.

    We've talked about the ball movement we envision and the career best spacing you'd get to play along side, but let's talk about the holes.

    Roughly 50% of the league is a free agent right now. There is a lot of talent out there. And a lot of players are going to want to come play with us, should you sign on. We'd have a huge list of guys lining up to come win a title next to you. Let's delve deeper there.

    the plan for the rest of the off-season (include your top 2 free agent or trade targets and why they are a fit), discuss your contingency plans if you don't get Brook Lopez (for the Rockets)
    To start we've been in the lead for Brook's services for three days with no other real suitor stepping up, we're confident that together you and him make us the title favorite and we hope to have that commitment very soon. In the event that he didn't sign, we'd be disappointed but have options. We'd probably split his money and try to get both Julius Randle and either Kevon Looney or Terrence Ross.

    Randle is an excellent ball mover, rebounder, and low-post scorer. He doesn't offer the same spacing at the five but he's an arguably better player and we could work with that. Looney can defend all over and is an unsung hero type, we'd start him in certain matchups and rely on him in a rotation role regardless.

    We don't hate the idea of Bazemore starting next to you, he's a good defender and if that's the case we'd look for an offensive option on the perimeter, the guy we have in mind is the aforementioned Ross, who was a prime Sixth Man of the Year candidate last year and would further improve our offense when he was in there.

    If we do get Lopez, we will try and grab Looney or Ross with our MLE anyway. Looney would mix in nicely behind Lopez and Gallinari. Ross is the perfect microwave option off the bench for when you or Curry is out.

    Another guy we really like on a minimum deal is Ed Davis, if Looney's price rockets or we don't get to him in time, Davis would be an excellent backup big to provide toughness and rim protection at the five.

    We don't hate the idea of Bazemore starting next to you, he's a good defender and if that's the case we'd look for an offensive option on the perimeter, the guy we have in mind is Terrence Ross, who was a prime Sixth Man of the Year candidate last year and would further improve our offense when he was in there.

    So to answer your question, if we sign you and Lopez, we're thinking Ross (MLE) and Davis (Min.) for the bench, or Looney (MLE) and potentially Rodney Hood (Min). Hopefully that's specific enough, free agency is very fluid.

    explain how Jimmy Buckets can be the dominant personality on your squad
    Now you mentioned that you could see yourself playing with Curry and we know you two would accomplish a ton together. You also mentioned you had some reservations about playing with D'Angelo Russell. Which is understandable because his work ethic and maturity have been questioned an awful lot. D Lo is also already established in Brooklyn and you'd be walking into a locker room that is already behind Russell. It might not be Minnesota all over, but it could be.

    That situation doesn't exist in Houston, this is a brand new team. The only holdover is Gary Clark and this is your city, your town. Your personality and your background make you an obvious choice to blow up here, Houston is home.

    and finally pitch Jimmy on the differences between living in Houston and living in Brooklyn.
    You're a Texas kid who has spent his whole career playing in Chicago, Minnesota, and Philadelphia. The average high for Brooklyn in December is 7, it's 18 in Houston. Come back to that heat!

    Let's also not forget, no matter what the Brooklyn Nets do, they'll never be New York's team. In 2015 your endorsement portfolio doubled, Mountain Due, True Religion, Jordan Brand, etc. Your social media accounts were gaining traction, your brand ballooned.

    The Houston Rockets Twitter account has nearly 3 million followers, the Brooklyn Nets account has 1 million. (Less, because it'd be less if KD and Kyrie didn't sign their in real life.)

    The Rockets are better brand than the Nets in a sneakily larger market. Last year we had 39 nationally televised games, the Nets had six. With you signing on, Curry here now, and us being the title favorites, that number is probably higher this season.

    Wrapping up now, before you make your final decision, can we ask you a question. Is moving to Brooklyn and risking a potentially dicey star pairing with you and Russell, while also going to the team with a lower competitive ceiling with less fanfare really what you want?

    We've promised not to trade Curry, we've offered you a No Trade Clause, the max offer is on the table and we're going to win a title if you join us.

    Jimmy, you got to pick Houston, brother!

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    Nets pitch:


    First off, we are extremely honored to have made it this far in your consideration and appreciate the time. Generally we try to keep our pitches on the shorter side, but we will be going a little longer today, due to this being our last chance to impress. Additionally we will try to go though everything as in order as we possibly can that you asked about (although some subjects might flow better into others).

    Composition of the Roster (as it currently sits)

    Russell -
    Trier - Blakeney - Evans
    - Hernangomez
    Bjenlica - Leaf
    Len –

    At point guard we have D’Angelo Russell who we’ve talked about at length with you. But let’s dive a little more into this.

    You want to know how you are going to be the dominant personality on the roster?

    Russell was all weekend there cheering on teammates at All-Star events. He wasn’t outshining anyone in that time. He just blended in and let them do their thing. Here’s a short clip of him just being one of the guys rather than trying to be the guy:

    Around true alpha dogs, Russell knows to take a backseat, and to have his ears up to learn and take heel of what’s important. Remember when he was benched during the 2017-18 season? No we don’t either. Why? Here’s a snippet of an article as to why:
    Atkinson was then asked if he was worried about Russell’s reaction.
    “No. He was great on the bench, great in the locker room. One day it’s him, one day it’s DeMarre, it’s just the way it is. D’Angelo will get back on the horse tomorrow, start tomorrow.”
    And that was that. Don’t expect more. Move along, nothing to see here.
    Case closed. D’Angelo understands that it’s not always his turn, his platform. He’s learned to know when it’s time to take a step back.

    This is going to be the only time we reference our direct competitor: Jimmy right now they have a rookie as a SG. Who knows what he’s going to be.
    Ok, onto the way we’ve been focusing on our own roster. Allonzo Trier is an exciting guard that we were excited to acquire. What we’re most excited about with Allonzo is that he shot almost 40% from the 3pt line last year, and in catch and shoot chances he was almost 44% from the 3pt line. We want to continue that part of his game, and just know that pulling him out of the bad situation that was Dolan and the Knicks will only benefit him.
    Behind him is Antonio Blakeney, another 2 guard who has remarkably similar numbers to Allonzo Trier, but again in a terrible situation. In fact, it was once the same situation that you were in with the Chicago Bulls. We feel that once you got out of there, you were able to grow and be more…Jimmy.

    Right now our backup at the 3 spot is Juan Hernangomez. More of a combo forward than pure 3 guy. When we talk about our plans of how to finish FA, we will address this position deeper. But a bit on Juan. He’s a solid guy off the bench that can give us 15-20 minutes any given night and be someone that can really punish second unit wings with his size. Even against starters, he’s got the size to physically beat them down. We know you have that ability as well, but if you had help in trying to tire out opposing defenses, the 4th quarter and your time to shine is an easier job to do.

    You are already aware of our aggressive pursuit of Thad Young, who would slot into this spot for us. We potentially do have more cap to offer him if we need it, but in case we don’t lock in Thad, we have two other PF’s that we know we can put a bigger offer out there for: Nikola Mirotic and your Chicago teammate and friend Taj Gibson. In fact (getting into some offseason plans), we’re considering a run at Taj Gibson as a small ball 5 and a part time 4.

    Looks like another team has come in while we were working on this and put in an offer on Thad Young that we can’t come close to sniffing. We will be shifting our attention to Nikola Mirotic. Nikola has grown in his time since you last played together. He’s cut back on his turnovers, improved his rim protection and improved on his rebounding. We think it’s natural to pair the two of you together again and see some of his other stats tick back up like they did with you leading his way.

    Outside of that, planning on bringing off the bench Bjenlica, a floor spacing 6’10” power forward, who has shot over 40% from 3pt territory the last two years. What impresses us about Bjenlica, is that he’s improved across the board, and in this last year really worked on his defense. His rebounding continues to improve as well, and his turnover rate has dropped.


    Again, a spot that we’re going to be working on improving some. Right now we are starting Alex Len. We recognize that Len was seen as a bust at one point, but this last season in Atlanta proved to a career reboot for him, and becoming a modern floor spacing center.

    Plans for the rest of the offseason

    We want to make a splash by using our MLE on a center, or someone that can play center minutes. Taj Gibson and Robin Lopez are two players we have an eye on to make that move with. We are close to the soft cap, so that MLE would likely put us over the cap. When it comes to beyond that point, we’re looking to ‘bargain hunt’ with James Ennis and TJ McConnell. If we do get Thad Young, there is a chance that we look into moving Bjenlica. We hear rumors that DeRozen might be available, but we would look to your thoughts first. Robert Covington is another name we would look into bringing into the fold via trade. Finally Aron Baynes is another player we’ve had an eye on, but we seem to fail to get their GM on the phone every time we’ve called.

    Jimmy, we hope you can see that everything we are looking at, players we got, was all designed around you. Players that fit the mold of a Butler teammate. Players that work hard, play hard, being their lunch pail to the gym, guys that slap the hardwood.

    We see that as the Jimmy Butler way, and the Brooklyn Nets way. Brooklyn is the ‘forgotten borough’ of NYC. The butt of jokes for many a year. That gives us a huge chip on our shoulders. It’s what makes us the gritty underdog that we are Jimmy. And it’s why we think you are a natural fit with us. You’re a player who’s self made. Worked his way from where he was to where he is. A player who never gave up that hard work. And we’re a franchise that will never give up that hard work to use the chip to get to where we need to.

    The differences from living in Houston and Brooklyn

    Jimmy, we’re going to acknowledge that Houston is your hometown. But we want to put forth that often playing for your hometown is more of a hassle than it is a joy. We urge you to pursue this article, and even though it’s about NHL players, there would be a bigger hassle for NBA players:

    Here’s a quote from another player who went to play for his hometown team:
    “The beginning of last year was tough,” Mackowiak said of his first year with the Sox. “I changed my phone number to make it a little bit easier. I gave it to a select few. I said, ‘If somebody else gets it, you’re in trouble. I gave you it — gave you it — I know where the source is coming from.’ Not that you don’t want to talk to people; you just can’t talk to a lot of people. You can’t talk to everybody you’ve been friends with your whole life. It’s impossible.”
    “It (his phone) was just ringing constantly, all day long,” Mackowiak said. “Not randomly; just people you haven’t seen since you were in the eighth grade. You’ll see them up in the stands and they’ll say, ‘Hey, you don’t remember me?’ No. You’re 30, you’re bald, you were a little guy, now you’re a big guy, whatever. It’s hard, because we’ve changed so much since grade school. It’s hard to remember everybody.
    “Every game, ‘Hey, do you remember me?’ You’re like (long pause) then they say the name and you’re like, ‘I remember you now.’ Face to face, we all look different after 10, 12, 15 years. Whatever it may be.”

    Let’s dive into the cities themselves:
    Houston’s population is 2.3 million, meanwhile just Brooklyn is 2.6 million. That does not include the other boroughs as part of that. Beyond that Brooklyn is frankly a safer place to live. Per 2018 results, on a scale of 1 (low) and 100 (high) here’s how the crime rates stack up:
    Violent Crime: Brooklyn 39.5; Houston 50.4; United States 22.7
    Property Crime: Brooklyn 32.2; Houston 63.2; United States 35.4
    Importantly, that Toyota Sienna minivan you drive is a pretty sweet ride. Did you know that Houston ranks 60th nationally for carjacking? New York metro area? 294th. (Via

    Brooklyn itself is a great place to live because of its entertainment, restaurants, events, cultural aspects. Brooklyn is an extremely mass transit friendly city, one of the top 5 in the nation. So if you don’t feel like driving, or are worried how long it’s going to take to get anywhere, the transit can get you there.

    10 things Butler cant live without (via GQ
    Dominoes – What city do you think is going to be the best for that?
    Bandanas – Honestly….we got nothing here.
    Wine Case – Have you seen the restaurants, the cellars, and collections here.
    Air Jordan Sneakers – We know you have access to as many as you want, but one of the best sneaker shots in the world are here
    Sun Glasses – NYC is the fashion capitol of the US. You can find them everywhere.
    Jewelry – Again you know you can get this anywhere, but the most iconic jewlers are here in NYC.
    Watches – We keep coming back to fashion items being a big thing for you. Every city if going to have its fashion district, but are you really going to doubt Brooklyn and NYC being able to deliver.
    Underwear – Your PSD brand underwear. Jimmy, there are so many chances t grow that brand here.
    Stella McCartney Clothes – Houston has 1 store. NYC has 2, and it’s also available in two other locations within the city. You’re more likely to find the item you’re looking for with 4 locations at your availability.
    Cards – Like bandanas, we’re we don’t have much to say.
    Bags – Yet again, New York is the fashion capitol of the United States. Do you think that would end with just clothing items? It’s something that touches on everything.

    Jimmy, we’re the more complete team right now, we’ve got flexibility to make moves beyond just you. We’re open to trading anyone on the roster you aren’t comfortable with. From the start we did want you asked in your pitch to teams and throughout the process. You wanted a spot you could come in and be the alpha, let you have the influence. We’re the spot.

    ~Nets FO

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