I read that Saitsev has requested a trade from Toronto and I think he would fit the Wings very well. He's 26 (almost 27) and he has had some success in his career. He reminds me of Danny D but with more scoring upside. He had 36 points in 2016 but has dropped off to 13 and 14 the last two. In the last two years, though, he has become a better defenseman. He has been on the + side both years where as he was a -22 when he scored the 36 points. He's not perfect but he isn't overly priced either at $4.5M the next 5 years. His upside and change of scenery could make that contract a bargain.

Toronto is said to want a defenseman back which I'm reluctant to give up one of our young guys so how about a vet (Daley or Green) and throw in Glendening and a pick instead?