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Thread: Kyrie

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    If Nets sign Kyrie, whether to the max or not, I won't be happy.

    Nets need help, but not in the backcourt.
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    I feel like that is the consensus for most Nets fans. The only thought is would you be okay with signing Kyrie if it meant you also get Kevin Durant too?

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    Nets need to keep their core in tact.

    I don't think they need Kyrie (too many ball dominant guards who do the same thing and play no defense) and KD is injured now (and hes a snake and unlikeable imo)

    Basically, the Nets do not need to sell their souls for star players who will leave in 3 years thus hurting the Nets in the long term.

    Kawhi Leonard would have been the best option but I dont see how he leaves Toronto.

    Tobias Harris would also be a great fit. Underrated player who could fit the teams current style.

    Lastly, my opinion of Jimmy Butler has actually changed for the better. He could be as risky in the locker room as Kyrie but at least he can play a forward position, plus he wants to win.

    Basically, id rather Kawhi, Tobias, Butler before id take a healthy KD, or Kyrie. And Butler like I said is a risk

    Ok, after running through the major stars who are available, some other guys I would like the Nets to take a look at are

    Julius Randle (self-explanatory big who is young with plenty of potential)
    Paul Millsap (hes older but could help the nets with a 1-2 year contact. Basically if the Nets cant get any of their other options, id say hes a great vet who plays elite defense and can put up some points at the 4.

    of course, id love to resign Ed Davis and his junkyard dog mentality

    RHJ brings defense but he really fell out of the rotation this year with his offense. I don't really know what to do with him. Not really upset if he leaves or stays. They could use his defense

    Probably more that I could add but I cant think of anymore right now.
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    Nets are insane to poison their team with Irving. Durant AND Irving? Fine. But Kyrie simply isn't a franchise altering player. Plus all the baggage.

    He'll be even more petulant with the 5 years of security -- mark my words.

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