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    I don’t understand women and I’ll probably never will

    This is gonna be a long thread but please hear me out.
    Quick backstory a few weeks ago my neighbor across the street was outside the same time I was and had asked me to come over so she could introduce herself. Iíll admit I was a little hesitant at first because Iím not the best looking guy out there plus Iím not confident. That same day I meet her mother. Her brother used to live in the house they live now they basically switched houses. For three days I had asked for her number the girls not her mothers. After the 3rd try she finally agreed to give it to me after I gave mine first but said she doesnít text due to her hands. I said ok thatís fine. Weíd make small talk here and there if I was outside but other than that nothing. She has invited me over but I was stuck watching my 4 yr old nephew all those times. Then yesterday her mother asks me I need you to watch out for a delivery on Tuesday the 4th I was like ok but deep down I wanted to say no. But I really do like her daughter. Then this morning around 11:00? I get a phone call from the girl across the street my phone rang once so I called back she tells me I called you by mistake. I said oh thatís fine and asked if she wanted to go for a walk later in the day? She says she was busy but would let me know if she wasnít busy later sheíd call me I, said no problem. So here I am home again waiting for my sister to drop off my nephew. A couple hrs later my nephew was dropped off. About three hrs later I, get a phone call from the girl across the street asking me if I wasnít busy? I had to tell her yes because my nephew was still here . I then decided to go upstairs to call her. I decided I would try to sneak out of my house to meet her. My grandmother was here with my nephew so he wasnít alone. Of course I get her voice mail after I called her. Ten minutes later she calls me and asked why I called, I said if she wanted to go now I can leave thatís when I get Iím just gonna stay in and eat excuse. Now Iím not saying she wasnít gonna eat or wasnít hungry but I do find it a little odd how she claims to have accidentally called me, then calls me again hrs later to hang out but then when I call her back she doesnít want to go? Iím starting to believe sheís either playing mind games or thinks Iím gonna be one of these nice guy doormats. I just donít get this girl itís seems like she likes me but doesnít want to spend time hanging out when I ask her. Oh btw she has meet my nephew and I was even up front with her about my situation about me having no car or drivers licenses due to my disability she seemed to be fine with it and also knew my sister who is my nephews mother that she makes her own hrs for work. So why do I keep getting excuses from her? I seriously donít know if I should be upfront with her or continue talking to her?
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