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    Darrell Bevell Plans to Utilize Athleticism Stafford Doesn't Have

    bleh, I'm tired of hearing about this dude's deceptive athleticism, let's face it he's slower than Brady, dude can barely move, he's like Marino minus the accuracy

    Bevell spent several years working with Brett Favre, one of the strongest arms and most creative passers the game has ever seen. More recently, Bevell coached the mobile and highly efficient Russell Wilson in Seattle. Ryan's background includes stints with Eli Manning and Deshaun Watson, who are on opposite ends of the spectrum, stylistically.

    No one expects Stafford to suddenly start playing the position like Watson or Wilson. The Lions quarterback simply doesn't have that kind of speed, but Bevell believes there's deceptive athleticism that can be utilized.

    "I think you see that," Bevell said. "Hes been good at moving out of the pocket, making plays and those type of things. Is he a 4.4 guy? No, hes not that. Hes not going to be a runner, but being able to ask him to be creative in the pocket, I think he can definitely do that."
    sounds like we're gonna be a run heavy offense with play action bootlegs and we'll count on Stafford to make an unblocked rusher miss and then unload

    problem is, Stafford is too slow and panics, although maybe the point of making him move is to eliminate the pocket panic moments? Idunno, hopefully we know what we're doing, Bevell does have the resume so that's good, but man...

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    So do we draft Tua or Frohm this year?

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    Yeah, I get sick of how the OC is going to explore this thing and take us to the next level... Its never going to happen... take my money so I have something to complain about.
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    Draw up the middle?

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