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    Quote Originally Posted by MILLERHIGHLIFE View Post
    Typical weak woeful article. I'm sure the bucks would like hill back. But the trade was clearly made to dump delly and henson salary. Any value hill added last year was icing on the cake. The first round pick was the price to swap those contracts and woeful completely ignores that.

    Same with mirotic. He was a rental. If the price is right or if we miss out on other guys, I'm sure they're open to bringing him back. But he was traded for virtually nothing in 4 2nds, many of those which will be late 2nds.

    We aren't in cap hell as he suggests. If we are, then virtually every team in the nba is. Look at the rest of the contenders. The only ones that can have more than a mid level exception to spend are the ones who have free agents of their own to sign like Philly. This is badically the reality for any title team. Unless you hit on 2-3 studs in the draft who immediately dominate, you're going to be in a similar situation to what we currently are.

    And it seems like our cap situation sucks, but that's the reality of the league. GS only gains flexibility if both Durant and Klay leave. Portland, Houston, and OKC have virtually no flexibility. Denver and Utah can have some flexibility, but that's only for a short period until their young studs in Mitchell and Murray need big extensions. If Philly brings back even 2 of Harris, butler and Reddick, they have no flexibility. Torontos only real option is kawhi or almost nothing. Boston just gained some cap, but that's because 2 of their starters are presumably leaving (and it's 2 of their top 4 players, arguably their 2 best players). Indy has some cap, but is unlikely to be a major destination and has their own FAs to worry about if they strike out on biggish names.

    The only teams with cap are generally teams without a ton of talent. Brooklyn has cap but needs to renounce their best player do get 2 max. Knicks have cap but not a ton of talent to go with it besides a few decent young guys. Lakers imoroved and can maybe add another max or close to max guy, but theyll have virtually no depth.

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    The problem clearly is that the Bucks had too many expirings coinciding on the same season and also that it was combined with all of them being prime rotational pieces...

    In addition, the Bucks ending up to be the team to beat last season certainly increased the players values...

    IMO, we would have achieved to end up much better, if we would have the provision to extend Brogdon early in the season... we could have agreed on 5/70-75M deal with Brogdon early last season, which would mean no more than 12-12.5M salary for next season (+long term lock of a valuable starting piece).

    -Another mistake was letting Wood go...

    -Another mistake was signing Ilyasova in the first place... (which also caused Wood to ask to be released because he was complaining that coach Bud didn't give him time...)

    -Another mistake was not to trade Snell & Ilyasova for JR Smith (which caused financial damage and pick loss to the Cavs too)...

    -Another mistake (as it proved) was that we were too early to resign Bledsoe...

    If we would have done all the above, (which all looks easily feasible if one looks back to it) we would have ended with a Hill(10M), Brogdon(12.5M), Middleton (30.5M), Giannis (26M) and Lopez (12M) which means a cost of 91M for the starting roster and then DDV, Brown, Connaughton, Colson, Thanasis, Wilson, Wood & Rolo all at a cost of 19M which means that we would have total salaries of 110M for 13 players and another 15.5M to spend in free agency (with dead cap taken in mind)!

    Heck... with that 15M we could have kept Mirotic (another player who left because of Bud after Wood did) and even get Teodosic to replace Bledsoe!

    One more thing that has to be taken in mind... Despite all the talk which claims "the Bucks should start paying lux tax", it is very wise to stay away from it for both this and the next season and then go Into the lux tax for the 21/22 season after the Bucks sign Giannis into a supermax contract!

    A team into the lux tax, has only three seasons out of the last four in order to avoid paying additional (and severe) repeater's tax and if long term sustainability in contention is the target, the repeater's tax has destroyed many teams!

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