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    Rules (Update 5/20 - Clarified Pre-80's players)



    The draft will be a snaked draft; the first pick of the first round will have the last pick of the 2nd round and vice versa.

    There will be 8 rounds of draft and 2 FA rounds that will open after the draft (at the earliest the next day). The time before a pick can be skipped in each round is:

    Round 1 – 8 hours
    Rounds 2/3 – 4 hours
    Rounds 4/5 – 3 hours
    Rounds 6-8 – 2 hours

    If you are online and/or have posted within the last 3 picks, you will have 30 minutes to pick (this starts once you have been notified via Visitor Message). The clock will stop from midnight to 8 at the time zone for which you reside.

    If it is your turn to pick and your time has elapsed, you will be skipped. You may log on at any time and make your skipped pick at any point in time. If you miss your pick in the 1st round and do not make it up by the end of the round (or within 5 picks in the 2nd of your pick), you will be disqualified. If your last pick was skipped and it is your turn to pick again, you are on auto-skip and may be skipped immediately.

    You must notify the next team up when you’ve picked. Do this by leaving them a visitor message on PSD so we know when you left the message.

    PLEASE USE LISTS. If you know you are going to be out and may miss your pick, please send a list to others who can pick in your absence. If you would like to be notified outside PSD that you are on the clock, please provide additional contact details such as phone #, email, twitter, etc.

    The Jordan Rule (only in effect if we do a regular snaked draft):

    If you use your pick to select Michael Jordan, your 3rd round pick will fall to the end of the 3rd round as opposed to being at the top of the round per a normal snaked draft.


    Each roster will end the season with 10 players, all trades must be an even transfer of players and/or picks (1:1, 2:2, 3:3, etc.)

    If you trade for a pick that is OTC, you will have 30 minutes to make your pick (if you are online).

    If a trade is deemed unfair by more than 25% of the players, it will be sent to a trade committee who will review the trade. If the trade committee decides the trade was unfair it will be voided.

    Era restrictions:

    The only era restrictions will be:

    - You must start one player who played primarily before 1980 (primarily meaning most of the players prime years were before 1980).

    - You cannot start more than 3 current players, nor can you have more than 5 current players on your team.

    - Players who are currently in the NBA but who have played less than 5 seasons are ineligible for the game unless they made an All-NBA team or an All Star game (All-Rookie team does not count).

    Minute restrictions:

    You can’t circumvent the rules by starting a guy and yanking him after 5 minutes to subvert the rule. At least one starter from 60-79 must play at least 30 minutes and must start at least 20 minutes.

    Duties of GM:

    You must keep your clubhouse updated.
    You must send in ballots once the trading period is closed to determine playoff seedings.


    If you are caught cheating or breaking the spirit of the rules, you may be disqualified.

    The Commissioner reserves the right to amend any current rules or add any new rules for the good of the game and competitive balance.
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    Clarified pre-80's player. Now reads:

    Must start one player who played primarily before 1980 (primarily meaning most of the players prime years were before 1980).

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    Quote Originally Posted by valade16 View Post
    Clarified pre-80's player. Now reads:

    Must start one player who played primarily before 1980 (primarily meaning most of the players prime years were before 1980).
    Does the 2nd greatest PF count as current?

    Also, can we implement some punishments for not keeping clubhouse updated? I'm not saying they must forfeit their 1st round pick, but maybe they automatically go to the end of the free agent list for round 10, and if they continue, then the same thing happens for round 9, and if it yet persists, it then continues to round 8, then 7, etc...
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