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    Jul 2013

    My opinion, as to what the Nets shoukd do

    Don't shop draft picks.

    Stretch waive Crabbe.

    Don't give RHJ a QO, but try to sign him.

    Save some money for Special Ed and Theo Pinson.

    Go after hard after Durant, and if unsuccessful, go after Marcus Morris, then Tobias Harris.

    Our backcourt is more than solid
    Short Cut, Draw Blood

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    Jun 2012
    Go after Durant and Kawhi. If either one says they will sign, give them whatever they want. Even if it means dumping players and picks to also pay another player.
    My next target would be Jimmy Butler. He was the best player on the floor in our series with the Sixers. Not Embiid. Not Simmons. Not Harris. Definitely none of our guys. He fits what we need to a T imo.
    Have Marks re-sign D-Lo the same way he was able to re-sign Dinwiddie and Harris for less than market value. If they have to pay the max for D-Lo I would still probably do it.
    Bring back Ed Davis. Have Jarrett Allen hit the weight room.
    Bring back Carroll as a backup. He says his wife is going to decide where he signs. Hopefully she loves Brooklyn!
    Let Napier go and give Pinson a guaranteed deal. Bring over Cordonier and have him take Pinson's spot on a two way.
    If he can't get one of the big names I would be okay with Marks doing another D-Lo/Mozgov type trade where we bring in a talented player along with a bad contract.

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    Jul 2013
    Nets need size
    Short Cut, Draw Blood

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