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    Lakers vs. Bulls 1993 Game Thread A must watch

    These are the type of games I was used to watching as a kid and remember this game vividly. Spoiler alert...the end of the 4th quarter didnt go our way! [emoji6]

    This was a real exiting game going against the defending champs and Chick N Stu calling the doesn't get any better.
    If you remember this time please share you're thoughts. If you dont watch from beginning to end...the game is shortened to the offensive plays.

    This is when I actually liked Vlade Divac. Worthy had some vintage moments and so did AC green and Sam perkins. Tony Smith was scrappy. My favorite Lakers PG was sedale threat after Fisher and Van exel. He was solid. I dont think Byron Scott played in this game for some reason.

    This team took Phoenix to 5 games in a best of 5 against Barkley and company. We had a 2-0 lead also I believe. That Phoenix team went to the Finals that season.

    If we had a prime Kobe or prime Lebron on this 1993 team we would have been dangerous. We needed a legit star during this time. We didnt get one until Shaq and Kobe.

    Chicago was sharp this game.
    Enjoy this one!

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    Lol!!! Holy smokes man! Nostalgia! Bringing me back to when I was just a young whipper snapper watching Lakers games by myself in my room, because my dad hated basketball lol

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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    My first ever Lakers game was Magic's first game. My foster father (great guy) told me that Magic is going to be one of the best players of all time and I should watch every game that he plays, which I did. I was so upset that Magic had to retire that I did not watch that many games after him. I watched Worthy's last year (who you guys can tell was my favorite player) and then after that was in 1996 obviously. Good thread. We should appreciate all eras of this glorious franchise. Thanks for the cool thread.

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