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    Quote Originally Posted by KodytheKing View Post
    Harris was listed as a DE, but largely played standing up in college. It was the main reason most thought he would be a 3-4 OLB in the NFL but had the body that would make people think he could possibly play DE.

    And they signed Bobby to play Slot CB, and then proceeded to play him outside last year. The other reason you move Bobby around is because Minkah is an elite Slot CB already in his career. So instead of just asking Bobby to either cut his playing time, try moving him around to see if he can play some safety.

    To help further prove that point, Beasley with the Miami Herald just posted a great story where Minkah goes into detail about how inept the old staff was.

    "Fitzpatrick told the Miami Herald at the end of last season that he wanted to know by February which position he would play in 2019 so he could prepare properly.

    The answer he got back was, in essence, all of them.

    And thatís OK, Fitzpatrick explained in a way Wednesday that wasnít altogether flattering of the previous coaching staff.

    ďI wanted a position to focus on,Ē he said. ďLast year, I couldnít. I was playing multiple roles when I was at [Alabama], but I knew what I was going to be doing week to week. Last year, it was kind of all over the place. It was sporadic. It would change up halfway through the week. Some of it was because of injuries and some of it was because they didnít know where to put me.Ē

    He continued: ďThis year, I know where Iím going to be at. I know exactly what positions I need to learn, what concepts I need to learn. And Iím just more comfortable. I wasnít saying that I just wanted to learn just strong safety or corner. I wanted there to be a game plan so I could prepare the right way. Last year I couldnít prepare the right way, because I didnít know what I was doing. You could say I could study the whole defense, but you canít do that."
    I have no problem with Bobby learning the safety spot, I think he's good enough to play multiple positions and bring value to a roster.

    But to pretend Harris has just been out of position this whole time, and to think he will thrive at a position he never played, that has much more responsibility than his natural position, that's just not the truth.

    Harris is a bust who is being forced to try something new because he can't do in the NFL what he was drafted to do.

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    A position change helps players all the time. Some guys are just not 43Ends but can play in space at LB. Who knows if this will help him or not, the dumb thing would be to do nothing. I already love this staff where they are willing to move guys around and try them all over. It's a great thing to see.

    The best coaching staffs in the league change how they coach to play to their players strengths, the ones that try to force players into fitting into their scheme don't work out. This was an issue with Gase and why he shipping out people that didn't fit.

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