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Thread: 2019 offseason

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    2019 offseason

    here we are again, eliminated by the warriors for the 4th time in the last 5 years.

    this time the elimination hurted me a lot:
    game 1 was decided by refs
    game 2 the injury of harden take down our possibilities to win
    game 3 and game 4 ok
    game 5 was a gift we did to warriors after we came back from 20 points deficit
    game 6...we turn down the light in the last quarter

    ok, the season is done, so let's start a new chapter: the offseason is already started for us (unfortunatly)

    Chris Paul: $38,506,482
    James Harden: $38,150,000
    Clint Capela: $16,896,552
    Eric Gordon: $14,057,730
    PJ Tucker: $8,349,039
    NenÍ: $4,825,360

    Gary Clark: $1,416,852
    Isaiah Hartenstein: $1,416,852
    Chris Chiozza: $1,416,852
    Michael Frazier: $1,416,852

    Danuel House (Restricted)
    Iman Shumpert
    Kenneth Faried
    Gerald Green
    Austin Rivers

    Draft picks: nothing for 2019 draft

    let's start saying Nene will probably retire this summer and there are a lot a rumors about eric gordon will not resign with rockets in 2020 to test the free agency

    i think the first to do is resign rivers: i like him a lot.
    i like Manimal too, instead he didn't play a single minute against warriors (why?!).

    best FA agents, hoping they will move for min vets trying to find a contender to fight for the ring everyone want to reach:
    - DeAndre Jordan (if Capela will be traded)
    - Paul Millsap
    - Danny Green
    - Patrick Beverly
    - Trevor Ariza
    - Wayne Ellington
    - Wilson Chandler
    - Marcus Morris
    - Markieff Morris

    Essentially we can't do a big move instead Morey will find a right situation and pull the trigger for a steal trade like the CP3 one but, at the moment, i can't imagine a big name come here via trade this summer.
    I think Butler will resign with Phila and Davis to New York/Boston. I will not consider the other big names (Durant, Irving, Klay, ecc) because they will not change team without a max contracts that we are unable to offer.

    What do you think?

    Run As One!!!

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    In your Fridge, Houston, Tx
    1,139 you've said, Nene is retiring, and Gordon's halfway out the door already - so there's some salary coming back right?

    How bout that suggestion rumor about Paul for Ben Simmons? That sounds good too. As much as I like CP3, he's *not* the player we saw on the floor in 2018... a shell of that player at best. Great facilitator, mediocre scorer this season.

    I think we need to go all in for Rivers and Faried. If you want to know why he wasn't on the floor, look no further than Mike D'Antoni and his insistence on running a 7-8 man rotation in the playoffs and wearing his starters down out of necessity because he didn't fully learn and trust the flexibility of his bench.

    This season was nothing more than a re-iteration of what we knew all along, we lack *size* and that's costing us savagely on the boards, and our transition defense is a joke. Notice how GSW was able to shut us down defensively from *half-court* towards the end of game 3 and 4 and pull up close, or even overtake us in Game 5? That is *not* a fluke, that is purely by design, and it works flawlessly against us.

    I doubt we'll retain Shump, and it was a good run with Green, but if we need the space, I doubt Morey would lose sleep seeing them go - Clark too.

    If there's any truth to the rumor, I say go for it ... hell, go for that and Jimmy Butler while you're at it, swing for the fences.

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    Feb 2011
    In your Fridge, Houston, Tx
    Quick and dirty thought...

    D'Antoni isn't a defensive-minded guy, and he has this terrible habit of running his starters into the ground and running an 8-9 man rotation to carry the lion's share, while GSW seemed to run their bench as deep as they could until they simply ran out of depth at certain positions.

    He's insisting on grabbing an extension before the final year of his contract - which is fine, but a question should be asked... to beat the team that's been a thorn in your side for 5 seasons straight, wouldn't it be wise to, oh, I dunno - hire the guy who *built* that team before being dismissed and handing a ready-made championship caliber team to Steve Kerr?

    I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Mark Jackson come in ... either taking over for Bzeldik's post, or being the guy "waiting in the wings" in case management decides to let Mike go. Your thoughts?

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    Thatís a no on Mark Jackson.

    Iíd love for a CP3 for Simmons or Jimmy trade but I donít see that happening.

    Clark might never develop into a starter type player but itís too early to get rid of him and if Green will come back for the minimum, why not? When heís hot, he crazy. Then again.....

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    Mar 2012
    I know MBT is taking a break but whereís Eddie? Was moving in with his girlfriend really that much of a game changer? And if it is, good on ya, Ed.

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    I'm cool with D'Antoni. You can't really ask for much more out of him. James has played his best basketball under him, too.

    I'm not sold that CP3 is that over the hill yet. I don't think he asserted himself well this year. Obviously if you can trade him you do, but I don't think Simmons would fit any better on Houston even though he's clearly the future and a great player in his own right.

    I find a bit of solace in knowing that the Trailblazers got swept in their series versus the Warriors. You have to give Houston credit for trying to take down Golden State. Because no other team has come remotely close yet, even without Durant out there. We'll see how the Raptors or Bucks do against them.

    Again, I'd like Gordon gone. I don't like his game. It's not that he's bad, and he played great after the All-Star Break. It's that I think his offensive game outside of shooting three's is overrated. He has one speed - go as fast as you can to the basket. And if he can't get a layup, he makes bad decisions. He defense is very underrated though. But a change needs to be made, and he's the best trade bait they got. They need a more lethal three point shooter. If he can go back to being the 6th man, maybe I'd be more keen on him. I wouldn't be surprised if they extended him, though.

    They tried to replace Ariza with Ennis this year. Then House. They never really found his replacement except for inserting Gordon into a similar role. They need to find more 3 and D guys. I still like this system.

    It'll be interesting if Morey does try to somehow go after Butler this year. He loves the big names. He always goes after them. It'll also be interesting if he tries to use Capela as trade bait. The goal yet again will be to beat the Warriors, and Capela does not match up well against them.
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    ^^^Yeah, Capela should be packaged for more 3&D depth but Iím not sure how many teams will bite. He probably shoulda been traded right before his new contract.

    I just donít see how Butler becomes a Rocket. The only thing I think could happen is CP3 in a sign and trade if Butler wants to come here but I doubt he cares (I think heís mentioned that he didnít care to come home before). And the Sixers have no need for Capela/Gordon (although Iíd do that in a heartbeat).

    Morey will probably do a few minor moves like last year and see if this can get it done for one more year. But Gordon can walk for nothing next year and CP3 might totally be done. I still like the idea of CP3 to the Lakers to play with Lebron and getting back a few of their youngins plus cap relief. Hardenís still young enough where he can start over with younger guys. Doubt the Lakers bite but you never know with LBJ.

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    The 2 names that come to mind for me are Khris Middleton and Robert Covington. I wonder if a S/T of Capela for Middleton would get it done. RoCo may need a 1 year show me deal to show he is healthy again.

    Big THX to MJ's Bulls and pheagles10 on the sig help!
    Dear T-Mac,
    I miss you.
    The Rim

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