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    That's what we have "The Time Lord" Williams for, he can be Kanters "D"
    Do I have to teach you everything BAGWELL. SMH😔😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    Please, outside of OK offense (good off reb'er, good shoter inside of 3 feet) he does nothing. Crummy shooter outside of 10 feet. Poor D. His career VORP is 2.1 that means vs the average player, he's been worth 2.1 MORE wins over his entire career of 583 games. WOW!!!!!

    This is a 48 win team unless someone other than Kanter does something special. Kanter is a very poor replacement for Horford.

    His defensive box is well below average
    I agree with his flaws. That said, we only had the $4.7M room exception to use in a league where players like Dewesyne Desmond get $70M. I think hes a fine signing considering the situation.

    NE Patriots Forum HOF (Class of 2011)

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    Kanter is just a placeholder for Robert Williams and Tacko Fall. Outside of some major trade for Stephen Adams, that's the plan for the time being.

    Our problem is that we didn't draft Giannis back in the day when he was there for the taking lol

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