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    Trading Yabu and Semi together would allow us to take back $8.4M in salary.

    Willie Cayley-Stein supposedly wants out of SAC. Hasn’t worked for him there. I imagine they could use a gritty defender like Semi to add cheaply. Might be a match in a S&T after we use our cap space.

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    I’m gonna allow myself to buy into the Kemba-Boston talk.

    Sign him to a max after renouncing everyone except Daniel Theis.

    S&T Yabusele and Semi Ojelye to SAC for Cayley-Stein.

    Room exception on Shelvin Mack

    Kemba / Mack
    Smart / Langford
    Brown / Hayward
    Tatum / G. Williams
    WCS / Theis / B. Williams

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    I try to constantly get in the mind of Danny Ainge, instead of eating up all the media reports. Before we can gather any ideas of what he might have planned, I think it’s best to look at the roster we do have in place and build out from there.
    Solid building blocks (the core)

    Marcus Smart
    Jayson Tatum
    Jaylen Brown

    These are the 3 players that I see have absolutely no chance of being moved this offseason. They’re all young, have elite skillsets and are on team friendly deals. Together they account for only $28,918,300. 2 bonafide starters here. 1 can either start or come off the bench which provides some flexibility. In these 3 we have an elite defender. A #1 scoring option that has a good all-around game, but needs to find more consistency and continue to work his skills. And the 3rd is super athletic, a great defender and has an improving offensive game.
    Cap Space: $80,081,700

    3 roster spots of 15 filled. – 3 top 8 players

    Next we have the rookies that are likely to make the team.

    Romeo Langford and Grant Williams. I’m going to also add in Carsen Edwards. I think Edwards is a shoe in for that 3rd PG spot to replace Wanamaker who was nothing special. Langford and Williams should cost us just under $6m combined going by the rookie scales for 19-20. Edwards will be really cheap as a 2nd round pick and we really don’t need to factor him into a cap situation as his cap hold for an empty roster spot will suffice.

    Cap Space: $74,081,700
    6 roster spots filled –

    Next up we have Gordon Hayward. His value is extremely low right now coming off an injury last year he played poorly. We saw spurts of his old self but they were few and far between. Not enough of them to really have much confidence. That, coupled with his contract, he’s nearly untradeable at this point so we will treat him as such. However, coming off the injury everyone expected a long recovery period based on past similar injuries (PG13). Trading Hayward now, we’re taking pennies on the dollar. We may only every get .50 cents on the dollar, but it’s still better then what we’ll get now. At the very least we need to play him the first half of the season. If he shows well, maybe we can deal him at the deadline. If not, we worry about it next offseason when he has an expiring deal that’s possibly more attractive. Salary - $32,700,690.

    Cap Space: $41,381,010
    7 roster spots filled – 4 top 8 players.

    Next we turn to value depth. These guys aren’t quite every day rotational players yet, but have shown enough and have enough upside to take into consideration for possible regular roles. Their contracts/cap holds have enough value that they’re worth keeping for the end of the roster. These 3 guys are…Robert Williams, Daniel Theis, Semi Ojeleye. Unless they’re coveted by another team they’re unlikely to fetch much in a trade by themselves, however they could possibly be dealt as sweeteners on a bigger deal, or to make cap numbers work. However, we’d really have to be getting something of value back. For now, we’re going to count them as part of the making the roster category. Theis is a RFA – He’ll need to be resigned. But we can use his small cap hold to our benefit and go over the cap later down the line to resign him to a more deserving number. These 3 account for $5,374,560.

    Cap Space: $36,006,450
    10 roster spots filled – 4 top 8 players.

    At this point we need to examine what we have on the roster to identify needs and the best ways to address them.

    Point Guards

    Marcus Smart, Carsen Edwards.

    -I like these 2 as individual players. Smart is a skilled passer and an elite defender. However, he’s more of a combo guard than a point guard. Faster PG’s will expose him a little and his defense is needed elsewhere anyways (top scoring SG/SF type guys). Edwards is a bit of an unknown, but he does provide more offense than Smart can. He’s not ready to be counted on as a major role player so we need to go out and address the PG position. Hopefully a starting caliber player. Kemba Walker is great. But his price tag will be huge and pretty much tap us out from addressing any other holes. I wouldn’t recommend going that route. DeAngelo Russell is a cheaper option than Kemba, but still expensive. He’s still very young and has shown the ability to score and lead – something this team will likely need. Then you have the Terry Rozier option. He’s the cheapest of the 3, however, he also has more question marks around his attitude and consistency. We’ll circle back to this position.


    Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Romeo Langford, Semi Ojeleye

    -This is the deepest, most accomplished area of the roster we have. With Tatum/Brown heading the position they’re going to be major focal points of the team. Hayward will also find plenty of minutes on the court. We have about 120 minutes per game available for these guys (48 for SG and SF, and about 24 at PF when we go small). Tatum, Brown and Hayward should all average out at 30mpg barring injury. That leaves 30 more MPG. I’m comfortable seeing what Langford has and if Semi can take a step forward to start the season each getting about 15mpg. That said, I don’t see us adding anything major to this positional group. Maybe just a veteran for depth and low expectations on playing time. Someone like Jared Dudley would be a great fit here. But being this isn’t a position of need, we won’t spend much time exploring and we’ll wait for something to fall in our laps.


    Robert Williams, Daniel Theis, Grant Williams

    -This is a massive position of need. Robert Williams showed at least he can be a role player for a team but he still has a long way to go. Theis can also be a solid role player. He has some range and more offense that Williams can’t provide – while Robert Williams is a much better defender, rim protector and rebounder. Grant Williams is an unknown and should not be counted on for much in his rookie year. He’ll have to earn his minutes. We need at least 2 players to add to this group. 1 starting caliber center and a PF who’s capable to starting when needed, but also being a decent role player. Vucevic is the most expensive option in Free Agency, but there’s some decent options for older players like Brook Lopez or Nikola Mirotic. Marcus Morris is an option as well as a stretch 4 who’s played well here.

    We have 2 end of the roster spots here to account for that we’re likely going to sign players once we’ve maxed out our cap space. So they will be minimum level deals and we don’t have to worry about them in our cap equation. These 2 end of the bench players are going to be SG/SF Jared Dudley who provides a solid veteran presence and depth at the wing. He’s long in the tooth at this point and should be fine taking a mentorship role and fill in spot duty in emergency situations. Secondly, we’ll sign Tacko Fall as our emergency, developmental C. Who knows what he’ll be, but he’s a freak and won’t cost much. Basically, we need bodies down low. He’s cheap with upside and won’t take away cap space.

    So $36 million to fill what amount to 3 big holes.

    Starting PG
    Starting C
    And a PF type who can start or come off the bench

    Blowing that $36m on Kemba Walker seems like a mistake. Whatever we do with the $36m, we need to sure up 2 starting positions. Personally, I would prefer to prioritize PG over C. For one, the NBA is a PG driven league. Secondly, elite PG play will do more for Tatum and Brown than a top end C will. So to me, it makes sense to prioritize DeAngelo Russell. Rozier has too many question marks and after last year – leadership is my biggest concern. Especially around this young group. Ruseell on the other hand, at age 23, led his team to the playoffs and performed very well. That is the type of guy I want to invest in long term. If we give Russell the MAX, his year 1 salary starts at $27,250,000. Roughly 4 years $107.5m.

    After that signing we’re now at $8,756,450.

    For those who know the roster well, you’ll notice Guerschon Yabusele has been left out. He’s the odd man out on this roster crunch. His $3m price tag to far too much for us to continue to carry for a guy who’s barely seen the floor in 2 years. With a massive hole at C, we’re going to need the cap space he will free up. We’ll attach our 2020 MIL pick we acquired from PHO on draft night to salary dump him.

    Here’s where I stop and pose a question to the rest of you.

    Here’s your roster.

    PG – Russell/Smart/Edwards
    SG – Brown/Langford/Dudley
    SF – Tatum/Hayward
    PF – Ojeleye/G. Williams
    C – R. Williams/Theis/Fall

    You have 2 positions open.

    You have $8.75m and the Room Exception (roughly $4.5m) to sign these last 2 players. Who do you take?

    City of Champions

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