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    Quote Originally Posted by smith&wesson View Post
    I think Boston simply needed to stand pat. Trading for Hayward and Irving was a mistake. They should have stuck with the process of developing their young talent in Smart, Brown, Tatum, & Rosier while keeping veterans like Horford, Crowder, and Bradley.

    I understand you donít pass up on an opportunity to get Irving, especially when Thomas needed surgery it seemed like a no brainer trade... but Kyrie isnít a leader and he fully stunted the development of their youth, at least for one year. Imo they were better off with out Irving or Hayward because they had exceptional young talent to develop instead they turned them in to role players
    IMO those moves were fine. Ainge got good value off of players he didn't value. Bradley demanded too much $$$. Crowder is kinda bad. Thomas was done. They didn't think Tatum would be that good from Day 1 and they didn't think Jaylen Brown would take such a massive step in year 2. Them being that good probably screwed what Ainge had in mind. He probably thought Brown and Tatum would come into their own when Hayward's contract was up.

    Where Ainge went wrong was he got too greedy. He should have committed to a guy, and traded the redundant pieces. Hayward getting injured early on didn't help either. I also didn't think he should have chosen Smart over Bradley but that's another story. I feel like Ainge had a lot of missed opportunities with his assets. For instance, when the team wasn't gelling still mid-season he could have gambled on Porzingis (no guarantee Horford comes back).

    I don't think Kyrie stunted the development of their youth. Brown and Tatum developed skillsets playing with Kyrie they never would have developed on their own. Jaylen came into the draft as a raw athletic slasher. He now has a steady jump shot because he needed one to play with Kyrie.

    Only person they stunted was Rozier but I think he's trash and overrated by his playoff run last year. And I guess they wasted another year of Horford's prime.
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