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Sheesh... 21st ranked farm... I don't think we're getting enough credit for our young goalies and I count 5 guys who are almost guaranteed to be NHL players in the future... I don't see the same for the other farms around our ranking. But still this farm could use some top end talent for sure.
Meh we don't really have a lot of high draft picks or flashy talent. I think Liljegren and Sandin are sure bets to be top 4 D-men eventually but Liljegren isn't flashy despite being one of the best defensemen in the AHL at 19 years old.

After that it's a lot of question marks and future depth pieces. Bracco needs to be way better 5 on 5, Robertson is at least 3 years away, and Woll and Scott need to play in professional hockey before we can get truly excited about them.

I'm okay with our ranking.