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    gave wiliam howard a non garunteed maybe a training camp invite? he is apparently french 6-8 and a goodish shooter?

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    I like how they handled the Goss situation. Drafted him. Told him to play in Europe a few seasons (this way the Jazz retain his rights). Then bring him over when he is ready. I think it helps increase the chances that our 2nd round picks are being developed and are worth it when we sign them. Obviously still a risk, but better than signing them outright and have them sit on the bench a few years before being cut.

    We also have signed all of our 2nd round picks this year, one to a full contract, the other to two way contracts. I liked what I saw from them in summer league, so I think all of them have a chance to be players some day.

    Lastly, been reading that Ingles will probably move to the bench and Jeff Green start. A few reasons.
    First, Jeff Greene is an established vet and a more traditional PF, he took the minimum to come to Utah, so there was probably some incentive for him to start at PF
    Secondly, Ingles regressed last season. Most people think it is where and tear based (dude doesn't ever miss games). So not starting him will help reduce his minutes
    Lastly, I think they will want Ingles leading the 2nd unit. I am thinking a lineup of (Mudiay, Ingles, Exum, Niang, Davis) Mudiay may not really be a floor general. Exum might be some day, not right now. So Ingles may be the primary ball handler in that group.

    Then at the end of games, Ingles is on the floor as a shooter for the Jazz "death lineup"

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