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I am not a hater, but I hope I am wrong too. Just feel like there was talent on the board that would have been a safer pick at 12 that could have contributed immediately.

Hopefully I am posting here after this season eating crow.
To me it's not about playing immediately. I think we had a good enough offseason that we didn't need to draft an immediate umaoxt guy right away.

I also think Gary can play right away. He's shown he can be stout against the run and hold the point of attack. He can easily get snaps in early down situations on the edge. He also has a bull rush with good quickness. If we want, we can get him on the field in passing downs as an internal rusher.

To me, the pick is about upside and chance of reaching that upside. He absolutely has a high ceiling due to his size, strength, speed combo. But the likelihood of him being a strong edge rusher is questionable to me. And that's where the concern is for me. Did we take a guy at 12 who we could have found a similar but less sexy version of in say the 3rd round?