Travis Wingfield brought up an idea that I loved on twitter today. He asked if it was possible to overspend on the oline this year. Say we go out, trade a 2nd for Trent William's. Then follow it up by signing Scherff and Joe Thuney. Then take an Olineman with a top pick.

Personally I'd be overjoyed with it. It would be expensive as hell, but when yuh out look at how little we're spending elsewhere I think it evens out. WR looks to be locked down outside of the slot guy. You've got William's, Parker, Hurns and Grant all under contract. I doubt they really look to add a TE with Smythe and Geiscki still in the room and if they do I doubt they spend big. We know this staff wont spend on a RB so I think we can expect a vet around 4mil a year at most and a high draft pick (I love Etinne or Taylor). Then of course we'll have a cheap QB room as well.

I dont see how it would be a problem to throw that much at the Oline considering it looks like Griers biggest weakness. Oline is so difficult to find espcially to find a good one that makes an impact right away from the draft. So just throw your offensive budget at the position and fix it. Use the draft and scheme to fix the other issues.