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Thread: 2019 Draft

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    2019 Draft

    Seven picks:

    1st round: No. 25 overall

    2nd round (from Ravens): No. 53 overall

    2nd round: No. 57 overall

    4th round: No. 127 overall

    4th round (compensatory): No. 138 overall

    5th round: No. 163 overall

    6th round: No. 198 overall
    Thanks fanofphilly

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    Get me Dexter Lawrence or Ed Oliver.

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    Get me Jeffrey Simmons, Tytus Howard and a safety or line backer
    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    100 says we win at least 8.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eagles4Lyfe View Post
    Your on.

    Homerism at its finest

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    dont know much about any of these guys but i love that Howie was able to get Dillard at 22 when he believed he was a top 10 talent. Should be able to start somewhere on the line from day 1. Sanders seems to have some shady in him from the highlights i saw, seems like a very solid compliment to howard. Whiteside is huge, we need a big red zone target and he seems to be elite in that area.

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