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We had no first round picks. Rarely do 2nd round picks turn out well. Its hard to be optimistic over 2nd round picks. Except Isiah Thomas when is the last 2nd round pick that contributed well for the Kings?

Jerome James fell to the 2nd for a reason and that reason is he isnt a very good shooter who plays a shooter position in a shooters league. He can carve out a niche by excelling on defense something he has the potential to do well. Look at Fred Van Fleet. He went undrafted and I could argue he was the Raptors MVP of the series by shadowing Steph Curry.
Well in normal Sneak fashion, I am going to be optimistic until there is reason not to be. I do understand 2nd round pick rarely work out, but in this draft I think no one understand where the talent is going to come from. Besides, I like a good gamble every once in a while.