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Yeah I saw it. I disagree with the outrage. They do enjoy our milk and honey.
Yeah I hate it too. It's 2019 though. We are in an all out "outrage" culture era. I don't condone what Cherry said but millennials now a days literally wait for the opportunity to try and take somebody down. Plus Grapes likes fighting, hitting, old school hockey and even though I'm a millennial I love that too. Problem is that these days all the younger fans wanna talk charts and graphs and percentages. I'd literally blow my head off if I had to sit through an intermission about that ****.

"Nylander's possession rate was amazing tonight!"

Me- "Yeah I watched the game I could clearly see he had the puck all night."

I had one of these analytics losers tell me they could a better job of judging the game than me if they didn't watch and just read the percentages and charts. A LOT of them do that too. Losers. Holy ****ing ramble.