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    Mavs 2019 Off Season

    No one has posted here in a while but for any lurkers here are my thoughts on 2019 free agency for the Mavs.

    If the Mavs are looking to add a veteran PG who can play defense and play off the ball on offense (and is cheap) why not Derrick Rose? Hes coming off a really good year where he made $2.3 mil. Hell obviously be looking for a raise but $10 mil year seems reasonable (or am I wrong?).

    They would then still have enough cap space to sign Julius Randle ($15-$17) who is really the type of big they need playing next to KP.

    Again, keep in mind that this rebuild is a process. Its going to take a couple of years and those two guys on contracts like that would allow the team to still make moves (both contract would be very tradable).

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    Man, that was underwhelming off-season to say at least.
    But overall we got better and most contracts are decent/good
    Good news is we have our pick next year, so if we it didn't mesh well we will have something to look for


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