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i mean he can be the scapegoat for cutch... imagine if and wait for it i know this is hard to understand... IMAGINE IF THE FIRST 4 TIMES BEFORE THE CUTCH INJURY HE ****ING HELD SOMEONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR NOT RUNNING? then segura runs **** out and cutch doesnt get injured... MY GOD A MANAGER HOLDING GUYS ACCOUNTABLE... His managerial moves are being laughed at nation wide by so many its actually hilarious at this point... yes we have injures... No its not all on him but he has learned nothing and is still making the same stupid mistakes he made last year even when we were probably more healthy... Nobody cares about this year if we make or dont make the playoffs... we need pitching BUT all the pitching in the world wont help us if our manager continually lets guys do what they want and never holds them accountable on top of miss using the bull pen/not getting guys up on time and rushing them to pitch because he didnt get them up on time which caused 1 injury and ****ed another pitcher over in neris just 2 nights ago where he broke rules.

did you watch 2nights game? Our announcer Mccarthy when smily got through 7 with 108 pitches basically begged for kapler to leave him in there... i mean its just 2 innings but i am sure kapler would have used 8 pitches in those 2 innings if he was able.
Wow take a deep breath you simp. Jesus

Next time donít post such a dumbass reply so I donít have to read your dribble and waste my time you weeb