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given the seasons both had last year it absolutely made sense. doesnt mean it would happen. if you wait for it to happen then you cant talk about it before and you cant say after one is having a great year and the other is having an all-time great year (start) that it makes no sense now. hindsight is 20/20 and has nothing to do with what happened after it.

It wasn't realistic because the trade didn't make any sense for either organization. The Cards don't have a succession plan behind DeJong, while having a ton of outfielders they need to make playing time for and an MVP caliber 1B, the only position Bellinger plays. And the Dodgers didn't need another middle infielder when they have one of the best in the game at short (Paul's best position) a great 3B, and literally let Machado walk, while being weaker at 1B/OF.

The trade made no sense, wasn't realistic, and not a benefit to either organization.

Even if Bellinger breaks out, the amount of additional moves you have to make in order to justify that one trade makes it completely unrealistic.