Sure, every team has a personality, but I don't think it changes near as much as people think, you juat see it when you win and get hot. This same team celebrated a walk off win earlier in the year with a post game presser after a walk off win promoting the bucks playoff game that a bunch of them went to and had a box for. The team has always had the same energy, you juat don't see it as much when you're on 84 win pace vs 96 win pace.

To me, the energy isn't from spang and surer, it's Trent Grisham battling for an 8 pitch double with 2 outs just as the momentum is shifting towards miami then grandal blowing the doors open with a big hit. Locker room mentality matters and all that, but Im not crediting these callup guys for a culture change. It's just that winning brings it out. And sure spang hitting well has helped win, so in that regard he's helped, but I don't think it's like a culture change or attitude change these dudes are bringing.

And I really don't think it's easy just to throw the bat out there and make contact than it is to square one up. First off, it's an entirely different swing type. So you'd have to dedicate time in the cage to doing that. Personally, I dont think I want guys wasting cage swings and potentially throwing off their normal timing just to try to slap a few down the line. Plus, pitch location plays a bunch into that as well. You see a guy trying to slap it, you just bust them inside, which alot of pitchers are already doing. Now you're weakly grouding out to the pitcher anyway.

Plus, even since the days of the prime ichiro and juan pierre type days pitching has gotten better. More guys throw 100. More guys have more fastballs that move. Hitting is really freaking hard these days. Moreso than it's ever been. And that makes extra bases king. Most guys aren't going to hit for a bunch of extra bases by slapping it all day.