I'm predicting 93-59 we are a wildcard team. I think one of the Cubs or Cards will have a great season and one of them will stumble.

What does our 25 man look like to start the year ?

Here is my prediction
1)Cain 2)Yeli 3)Agi 4)Shaw 5)Braun 6)Moose 7)Grandal 8)Arcia
Bench=Pina, Perez, Gamel, Thames, Spangenberg

Rotation= Chacin, Nelson, Woodruff, Burnes, Anderson
Pen=Hader, Knebel, Williams, Barnes, Claudio, Albers, Peralta (Jeffress on DL)

12 pitchers/13 position maybe switch in another pen option after 3/4 weeks. I put Peralta in the pen thinking maybe you do like a duel starter and have Burnes, Nelson, or Woodruff go 4 and Peralta go 4 and reduce the load on those guys and on the pen all while keeping Peralta strectched out if someone gets injured.