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Brewers flat out need to be better at putting the ball in play. Just hitting homeruns or striking out isn't good enough. The offense doesn't produce nearly enough when we're not hitting homeruns.

Side track thought, but I think there should be some factor of errors created on offense as a factor of offensive production. I was thinking about this with Braun. He's been on base several times due to catchers interference, and while its not a hit it is something that he's able to do that others aren't. Then I was thinking about fast players or players that hustle more or even just put the ball in play a lot. Those players should all create errors at a higher rate than those that don't which makes it IMO a factor of skill more so than a factor of luck.
Brewers offense has been frustrating with getting runners on base and failing to get them in, but last night was flat out depressing. 1 hit. This team might be toast before end of August. Make or break stretch here. Need to find a win in STL and take care of Cubs...but this Brewers team just seems lethargic in a lot of aspects.