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    SD to now feature a triple Threat Match for the Women's title at Wrestle Mania 35

    According to What Culture Wrestling and SD is now also gonna feature a Triple Threat match for the SD's Women's Title and will not feature Lacy Evans but instead Askua, Mandy Rose and Sonia Deville. Which I believe is a better idea for weeks now Mandy and Sonya haven't been on the same page so this could be a good thing only question is who turns on who first?
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    Wait was there a match that had to be changed? I didn't even know there was a match scheduled for Mania. I don't mind this at all but one of the two absolutely have to turn on the other because I'm sorry but neither of them are on Asuka's level yet so whoever doesn't turn should eat the pinfall.
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    Lacey Evans has been rumored for months but they haven't wanted to push her yet. She'll probably get a big push after 'Mania.

    I like Sonya a lot, and obviously Asuka, but this one will definitely be one of the breaks for viewers during the show. I'd rather them just have the Mandy and Sonya storyline play out in the Battle Royal, assuming they do that again.

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    They're going to strap a rocket to Mandy's ***. Poor choice of words perhaps but you get what i mean. Now I dont know if she takes the title from Asuka at Mania but I do expect her to be Smackdowns women's champion by the summer.

    I am sure Vince has visions of making her the next Trish Stratus.

    Hopefully that means he doesn't have a love angle with her and make her get on her knees and bark like a dog.

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