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    Quote Originally Posted by ManRam View Post
    James Madison dedicated his life to insure we could own AR-15s if we wanted to. The Assault Rifle 15, which is its legal full name, was his favorite gun. He could not imagine a healthy democracy without people being able to own his beloved gun, the Assault Rifle 15, so he decided to sit down one night and craft the Second Amendment, which explicitly protects our right to own AR-15s.

    Don't let these stupid liberals sully his good name by arguing that it isn't our god given right to own assault rifles, including the infamous Assault Rifle 15.
    the problem with this is that there are many people that actually believe AR does stand for assault rifle. it does not. many people come up with this conclusion about this gun based on their ignorance that this is called the Assault Rife 15.

    the anti-Trump movement seems to be getting dumber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crovash View Post
    I take it those weren’t their dying words.
    If JFK said all that after being shot that would be really impressive.

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