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    Quote Originally Posted by C-ross12 View Post
    I love draft time. I think this particular draft is extremely deep at WR and has some serious talent at Dline in the top 1st and edges in the second. I also think we can get a safety that can be a several year player for us as well. I think we should also target a swing tackle.

    At 32 I think we should look at Dexter Lawrence, Irv Smith JR, AJ Brown, Noah Fant, Jerry Tillery, Deebo Samuel and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Im operating under the idea that the to players are gone. I assume players like Clelin Ferrell, Brian Burns, Christian Wilkins and Montez Sweat are all gone. Fant would be my 1a but I think hes gone too. Lawrence would be my 1b followed by Irv Smith jr and then AJ Brown. Depending on circumstances I'd say the pick is Irv Smith Jr.
    Pretty good. I think Deebo doesn't go until after 40. Tillery would be a big pick up, but may go late 20's. Irv IMO isn't anymore of a difference maker than then the best two TE's to after #75. TE might be a hole like QB after Brady is done, but, filling holes with really good talent is a better plan than meh talent at key positions. Irv is going after #60 I believe.

    At 56 there should be a ton of good talent still left. I have a good TE so now I'm looking at receiving / edge help here. Deebo Samuel, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Kelvin Harmon, Chase Winovich, L.J. Collier, Jaylon Ferguson, Ben Banogu and Zach Allen. I love this part of the draft and my preference would be Deebo Samuel for sure. He may be gone. For argument sake I'll say my pick is Deebo, who I think is an excellent NFL weapon for sure.
    I have to believe Deebo is gone by 56, and I think an OLB, T, TE, DL more likely than a WR (even if BB picks a DL at #32 (which I think he'll trade up from or down from).

    [At 64 I have my TE and WR now in Irv Smith Jr and Deebo Samuel. Now I'm sighting in on the edge that I think is the best fit for us. I like Zach Allen out of BC here. He certainly seems like a BB guy. I think he has the upside of a Michael Bennett type. At his floor hes a better Wise Jr. I think hes a perfect fit for various schemes in the dline, as he can move around the line.

    At 73, I now know Irv Smith Jr, Deebo Samuel and Zach Allen. I mentioned earlier I really like the Safeties in this class. Amani Hooker is my pick here. I love the idea of using our surplus of picks to take a player like Hooker here. I think he can be an excellent safety in a couple different roles for us in a couple years when we need to replace Chung / McCourty. There are other options I like here such as Terry McLaurin, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside if hes there, Dawson Knox and Renell Wren. But I like Hooker here.

    At 97 My pick is Riley Ridley who is a complete steal and maybe the most underrated receiver in this class. I like the idea of doubling up at receiver here and Ridley is a worthy pick for sure.

    At 101 I'm taking Khalen Saunders to replace Brown. Hopefully hes there, he may not but most mocks have him in this area.

    Heres my recap.

    32 - Irv Smith JR
    56 - Deebo Samuel
    64 - Zach Allen
    73 - Amani Hooker
    97 - Riley Ridley
    101 - Khalen Saunders

    In the later rounds I like guys like Paul Adams, CJ Conrad, Benny Snell, Jamal Hurd and the like. I understand BB will trade some for sure, But I'd like to see us get 2 receivers, a TE or two. What do you guys think?
    Look at the WR depth chart, we don't have room for two outside WR's, and I think Ridley will be gone by #80. If somehow we get Deebo, we'll be looking for a slot which there are many of from 4th-UDFA.

    With S-Jenkins and DT signed it's 1 TE and 1 WR in the first 5 rounds. There is also Berrios who may earn a slot.
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    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

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    How would you rank the TE class? I'd have it like this:

    1. T.J. Hockenson is clear cut #1 with complete game.

    2A. Noah Fant. Might be 1 if he offered blocking. Dynamic receiving threat
    2B. Irv Smith JR. Offers good receiving threat. Effective run blocker.

    3. Kahale Warring. Big, fast and strong. Good run blocker and high ceiling because of his physical attributes.

    4. Jace Sternberger. Good receiving threat but not sure he blocks enough to be a candidate for NE.

    After that you have a few interesting guys and projects. Knox, Raymond, Smith, Mack.

    Then you have a couple of lower guys who could contribute. CJ Conrad and Zach Gentry among them.

    I keep reading how good this TE class is but I'm skeptical. I see a lot of projects here. I just think Irv Smith JR gives you enough blocking and is a good enough receiving threat to warrant the selection at 32. I'd be very surprised if he last to 60. You may be right, maybe he does. But I think he could be a target especially at 35, 40 or 44.

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    Your first 4 are pretty much consensus. 1 true 1st, 1 1st due to need more than talent, one 2nd rounder, one 3rd.

    After that it's a jumble. Five guys could go in the 4th. Of these 9 - 2 could be pretty good, of all the rest - maybe 1 more notable, 1 decent for a couple of years. The rest trash.

    This class is above average for depth, but not special for special guys.

    If BB must have Smith or Sternberger he's nuts to draft him with #32, trade it down.

    Better yet trade up towards #24 and snag a DL thats 70% likely to be a 5 time all pro. BB doesn't trade for need often - the QB class is meager IMO, BB won't draft a WR high IMO. It's a deep class, but weak at the top. Even getting back some of the injured picks from last year, lots of holes to fill. UDFA and camp cuts fill figure in as usual.

    I think our front 7 is weak, great year to build it. Next year some DB help, and the QB, and whatever looks good to BB.
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    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

    Guess who? The future X-Presdent...

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