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    Quote Originally Posted by metswon69 View Post
    Yes but only 2 small market teams have won a WS in the last 15 said series. The Marlins in 03' (and Miami is not a small market, their ownership just treats it as such) and the Royals in 15'. The odds are not in your favor. Do I really think the Wilpons would take more financial risk if they hadn't made the World Series in 2015? I don't think so. This is what they are.

    In fact I think the WS run was what inspired them to keep Cespedes, otherwise I'm not sold they would have. The Wilpons have to see what Boston is doing, what the Giants did, etc and know the disparity between payrolls matters more than ever now because big market teams invest heavily in analytics as well (except the Mets). There is no longer that gap there. Yes you can win in the regular season with lower payrolls but it doesn't translate in the playoffs.
    I read this and realized for the first time in my life that MLB teams must agree to revenue sharing and minimim payroll requirements. Mike Francessa's rant that "If you can't pay for the chips, don't sit down at the table" doesnt work anymore. Probably hasnt for some time.

    MLB is a singular product consisting of 30 teams. It isnt 30 separate products competing in an industry where the idea is to knock someone out of biz to gain his market share. It simply makes no sense if only the same dozen teams or so are the only ones who have a chance to win anything.

    A mechanism is needed so thst all teams or at least more can compete fairly for a title.
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    We can start by having the Wilpons sell the team.
    I remember when Doubleday scoffed when Wilpon wanted to buy him out, saying he doesn't think he has that kind of money... Maybe Wilpons have always been highly leveraged?

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