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    Psd who dat nation?

    LOL wow not even a GDT here.

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    Saints Striving through week 4

    Here's the interesting deal after week 3 for the New Orleans Saints, holding a 2-1 record leading the NFC South division.

    With Teddy Bridgewater having his second chance as a starter role in the NFL, he's now (1 for 2) after beating Seattle on their home Quest Stadium. Big win for the (Saints under Bridgewater or should I say Bridgewater for the Saints) at the QB helm. Bridgewater was a starter in Minnesota for years as a top tier QB so playing on this big stage isn't "new" to him as the "go-to" guy. Any QB to start for any of 32 NFL Franchises is considered a great QB, face it you made it!

    In week 2 in Los Angeles when given an expected "you're up" Bridgewater he did fair enough to keep the game competitive in the early going but not enough to progress keeping strides to match a Rams 7 points, then failed to answer as the points compiled up ultimately winning by 17 points.?? Losing Brees was a major morale loss on offense as and for entire team witnessing for that game.

    In game 3 in Seattle, the Saints composed a game plan focusing on the strengths (the strength focal point of 53 players are "still" %100 spread within the 53 manpower roster) losing Brees and their A+ 100% rating only dropped them to a 97% "which is still" a A+ rank and with it New Orleans "team" demonstrated it against the Seahawks in dictating fashion! New Orleans controlled the game on their terms starting with Devon Harris' big 74 yard punt return TD in the first going. When Seattle tied the game at 7, the Saints were still in control and continued to compound points by forcing a Seahawks fumble which led to a punt return touchdown, but unfortunately missed the extra point. At that point Seattle was broken down by 6 points with New Orleans sticking to their game plan continued dictating the game. When Bridgewater kicked into gear, he start hitting Michael Thomas and cast of WR'S in a smooth stride, while Alvin Kamara did his major damage on the ground adding more points then more points. Kamara was majority of the offense with 37%?? touch ratio over the entire Saints team.

    When judging athletes you 1st judge their physical strengths 2nd you judge their person who they are (classiness & IQ)

    Players strengths win championships & titles (not their beliefs on (example. knowledge of Air Balloons) so majority of times professional) ....

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