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    ideally smith if he gets a new deal it would be at far less than what he has made and he would move to rt. even with his inuries hes still an above average LT, just not elite anymore but he would be fine at RT. keep williams and mcgovern inside and maybe comp some picks/players for martin and with the zeke compensation in a trade move up and draft a new LT for years to come. yes you will eventually have to pay the new OL if they pan out but it buys you some years of paying basically nothing except to frederick for the next few years.

    im not saying get rid of players to get rid of them but there are more ways to skin a cat than just paying everyone and figuring it out.

    i'd feel fine with smith at rt, frederick and the other two inside for years to come. if the new LT works out then its even better but until then you can pay everyone else....cooper, dak, jones, woods, awuzie, lve and when time comes to pay the ol maybe tank finds a new home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamba42 View Post
    Why won't we just sign Matt Bryant to kick and call it good? Maher has a big leg, but Bryant is an elite kicker and one of the best of all time. Sign the dude already
    Yea this upsets me greatly. There is huge bang for buck improvement to be had here.

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