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    Post Draft - Back to NFL FAs to fill a void or 2????

    Since we didn't address Safety in the draft, anybody feel like me and think we should try and sign a guy like Tre Boston? Seems like he'd be able to provide immediate secondary help for us if we're trying to win now. We don't have time to play it cheap here... We have a window to make a run, but we needed to address Safety, which we didn't do...

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    Jeez, I didn't even see this thread before. Sorry.

    I think not addressing safety is going to be a problem for us this year. Wilson looked good in training camp, but that doesn't mean a whole lot for the regular season really. We are still starting Heath. The same guy who was outrun by Goff for a first down to end our season because he took a bad angle.

    We paid Zeke over $100M. I would rather have gone with Pollard and shelled out some money for Earl Thomas or Adrian Amos.

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