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    Jun 2017

    why in the hell have we not signed gary kubiak to be the OC?

    1. we arent going to go out and spend a lot of money on free agents to improve this team. tank, coop, dak and even zeke is eating all of our cap space.

    2, linehan sucks

    3. Kubiak wants to be a OC not a HC which is perfect for Jerrys in the closet sexual relationship with Jason Garrett. Kubiak had a deal in place with Denver to be their OC so they blocked teams from interviewing him, then their deal fell apart.

    4. you cant tell me kubiak isnt a significant upgrade to linehan.

    Edit: nevermind, Minnesota already beat us to it

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    Aug 2005
    Minnesota wouldn't let him out the door. I would prefer a more Andy Reid/Sean McVay type that are great at working and developing quarterbacks, great at integrating the deep throw and drawing up hard to read plays that make it hard for defenses to read pre-snap. Linehan's geared more towards the ball control, keep them in a close game and wear them out. Which works in a lot of games, but not if the coach on the other side is a genius and can figure out a way to counteract that. That being said. I feel like this team outperformed expectations. Critics were saying some really nasty things about this team during the season.

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