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    The Struggle Is Real

    I can't bury this in some monthly thread or on the 73rd page of an off-topic thread noone ever reads. it is pulitzer worthy:

    "Hockey players have big butts, and they cannot lie"

    "They're built for the hockey ***," McNamee says. The biggest pair of jeans GongShow offers is called the Quadrasaurus.
    "I'll try on, like, 40 pairs of pants or jeans," he laments, "and we'll walk away with one ... or none. Oh, and anything that says 'skinny'? Trust me, I'm not getting into that."
    "Some shorts that maybe fit my waist but don't fit the other parts. It's a challenge."
    Before Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Jack Johnson discovered his brand of choice, Banana Republic, he says he would buy pants with "a waist so big that they'd get over my thighs, then get them tailored to the point where my back pockets were, like, touching. It looked ridiculous."
    If you've ever stood next to Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, you'll notice he's quite tall (6-foot-2) but slight. "I am fine buying pants," he says. "No problem."
    Once Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux discovered the chain Zara, he found a sense of relief. "I have smaller calves, too, for some reason," Giroux says. "Zara, their suits fit me perfectly for some reason, so I'm there often. That's the one place I can shop."

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    This is just a shameless article to get a certain sect of women into hockey. Either that or ESPN told her to write a piece and she chose this...either way ESPN endorses this drivel.

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