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    Chris also posted a photo of himself & Triple H on Instagram today.

    I doubt any bridges are burnt by this. Not sure what goes on inside Vince's head but Triple H will understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driven View Post
    AEW has a great opportunity, though. I agree that they have to do a good job. They have the hype and the money at the moment. I think Cody and the Young Bucks are smart guys. But I agree that they have to put together a whole promotion and weekly shows, not just one big PPV here or there.

    I hope they try to act like a big time promotion but start small. Perhaps that's tough with the big name talent they have - guys like Cody, Omega, etc. need to get paid. And to get paid, they need to draw in money. But if they have a good business plan, hopefully they try to take a loss for the first 3-5 years and build the product organically.

    They don't need a huge roster, they don't need two hours of TV. 1 hour is usually long enough for a wrestling show. What if they try for a 1.5 hour show? It'll be interesting what kind of a network will pick it up.
    Ironically, I talked to Cody the day after All In about starting a small wrestling company hypothetically. He was very knowledgeable and I think he will start small. They will use the few shows this year to build more hype and get more name recognition, while gathering more talent. Then move to TV. Just my thoughts.

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