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Fitz is with Washington. I would be cool with them trading cousins for 3 but #14 wouldn't be part of the deal. It seems to me the 49ers traded a ton of picks for #3 just to realize the guy they want is 100% going to the Jets. Maybe when they made the trade NY was sending strong signals of committing to Darnold or another player but it sounds like the 49ers trade brought out the truth and Jets all but said Wilson is the future.

I don't know why we would give them #14 if they are now desperate to get Kirk instead of the Qbs that are there at #3. Maybe I would give Kirk and 2022 1st/2nd with the depth at OL so we can solidify Qb and T for the next decade. 49ers paid a steep price for #3 and they can recoup some of that draft capital trading Jimmy and a future 1st from Minny.

I doubt this rumor has any legs and is just coming back up due to the lack of news in the NFl and leading up the draft but man a big mix up would be exiting. Also, if Lance or Fields were a guy we took then Teddy B is almost guaranteed to get released from carolina and could come home and compete with a Rookie for 1 year.

The only nightmare scenario would be that we make this trade and take Mac Jones. I'd become a packer fan...
the guy that brought this up said that the #3 pick alone was not enough for cousins so adding the 14 pick wouldent make much sense.the niners would have to unload garappolo . and the vikes know this im either way on this. id prefer the qb from ndst my self .if i was rick in trade back with den and nab an early 2nd. but we will see.