I feel like we are going to be letting Harris/Dozier walk of the FA's. Odenigbo and Wilson I would think we try and keep if cheaper.

Then I see Rudy, Shamar and one of Barr or Rieff as likely gone too (Ill go Barr since LT harder to fill and our oline already an issue).

That leaves us with holes imo of S, LB, G, DT, DE needing to be filled before we can upgrade elsewhere (like more oline help or another CB option). Those cuts didn't really create much space so we will have to be bargain hunting to get two cheap vets at the positions above. Maybe like Everson back with Odenigbo then a cheap S option (some have mentioned hooker) along with an Easton type too. Then we can use our first on one of the lines too.

We have a lot of holes to fill without tons of options, I really hope they have a homerun offseason but I am skeptical we can get this team to more than a 10-6 type with a quick out if we do make plauoffs. I think if this team doesn't take a big step forward next year we will go almost full rebuild with new coach, new GM and likely finally moving on from Cousins as well if it happens.