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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyc77 View Post
    Thanks. I offered the dude solid advice. Same advice most financial people would give but to each his own I guess.
    Didn't come off like that, came off more like, change who you are and it'll help save you money.

    But if you meant to help then my apology, there is certainly truth to what you're saying, I won't deny that.

    "i don't believe in mysteries but still i pray for my sister, when speaking to the higher power that listens, to the lifeless vision of freedom everytime we're imprisoned, to the righteous victims of people of a higher position" - planet asia, old timer thoughts

    "God is Universal he is the Ruler Universal" - gangstarr (rip guru), robbin hood theory

    "don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold" - bob marley, zion train

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    North Shore
    Try vaping your weed. Cut my costs down quite a bit

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