chatsports suggested that on their mailbag for the cowboys where they answer questions from viewers/fans.

they suggested a chedo and 2nd rounder for him if we did it which we shouldnt take on the looming salary in a few years. that said what about jones and a 3rd/4th?

say all we do is lock up tank in regards to our own in the off-season. we still have jones, cooper, smith, and dak that have to get done before 2020. zeke before 2021 to knock down his 5th year option salary, same with ramsey but swapping jones salary now for ramsey makes some sense to add short term flexibility to win now. maybe this gives you the wiggleroom to get thomas for two years and the money he desires which is to be the highest paid safety in the game. he gets his money, gets his team that he wants though he wants the money first, we get the short term deal with an aging player.