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    Rounds 1 & 2 Rules

    We will have a normal 2 round draft. After that we'll go to a bidding system.

    In the first round each team has 4 hours.

    In the 2nd round each team has 1 hour.

    If you are on within three picks you will only have 30 minutes when you are on the clock.

    If you have back to back picks your time slot will count as one pick. Your time slot is given next to your teams pick. The time is in EST. If the team before you has picked you do not have to wait for your time slot. However, you are allowed until the end of that time slot, even if you log off.

    After your time is up your team will be skipped. You can send your pick to me or any other GM to make your pick on time.

    The clock will be on pause from 1 am EST - 8 am EST. If someone is supposed to be on in this time, you cannot skip them until 10 am EST the following day.

    If for some reason you know do not want to pick please post that you forfeit your pick. If you got a question PM/VM ~~~~

    All 1st & 2nd round picks are 50% SB and 50% BS
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