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    Entertainment, Music and Video Games Thread Library

    With the consolidation between the Entertainment forum, the Music forum and the Video Games forum, this stickied thread will serve as a library of popular threads from those forums so they do not get lost. If you have another thread you would like added to this list, let me know and I will add it.


    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    Rate the Last TV Show You've Watched

    Rate the Last Book You've Read

    Anime Megathread


    Musical Projects: What Are You Working On?

    The "Official" New Music Thread

    What are you listening to right now?

    Video Games

    Nintendo Switch Discussion Thread

    XBox One Discussion Thread

    Playstation 4 Discussion Thread

    PSD Online Gamertag Directory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadell View Post
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    Many iPhone users have searched and iPhone ringtone download. There are a number of previously resolved problems such as not being able to use iTunes. Now there are very simple ways to do it.
    I wish Android ringtones were more creative.

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